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Custom Framing

Ask Your Framer 

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

What kind of glass should I choose?Why do I need a mat?Help! My art has rippled!
If I supply the mats/frame/etc, will you still assemble it?Do you do all the framing on-site?
Do you conserve art?What can I frame? What should I frame?How long will my framing take?


What kind of glass should I choose?

There are five main types of glass we offer:
- this is the most commonly used glass, and suitable for any number of custom framing projects.

Non-glare - Non-glare glass is specially treated to bounce the light off of it, which can diffuse, or grey, the image. This glass is best for directly on top of an image (i.e., no space between the image and glass), and for office settings.

Conservation (clear) - Conservation glass is specially treated, making it 99% UV protective. Like sunscreen for your art, it protects against fading and damage (but your art should never be placed in front of direct light regardless).

UltraVue - this is one of the newer types of glass on the market, and is gaining popularity among our customers due to its incredible clarity. UltraVue also has 70% protection, making it an impressive option for your framing projects.

Museum Glass - combining the UV protection of Conservation Clear with the stunning clarity of UltraVue, Museum Glass is the ultimate choice for your framing needs.

We also offer plexi glass and framing grade acrylic for projects where safety, or risk of damage to the artwork, is a concern. Stop in and we’ll be happy to walk you through these options!
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Why do I need a mat?

Mats are useful for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they create a barrier between the art and the glass, allowing for breathability. This also prevents moisture from building up, which is the cause of photos or artwork sticking to the glass.

Mats also ‘open up’ the artwork - different colours can enhance the image and make it pop. As well, adding a mat can add size to your piece, if you have a specific measurement in mind that you’d like to reach.
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Help! My art has rippled!

There are a number of contributing factors to this issue. Because of the climate we live in, and the extreme changes in weather, atmospheric changes and moisture retention can wreak havoc on paper. Hanging art on an exterior wall can also contribute to rippling, especially if the winter is particularly cold and damp.

We use a method referred to as dry-mounting (using a dry glue that is activated under a heat press) to permanently adhere paper or canvas to a backing board. Dry-mounting is a viable option for photographs or prints that have rippled. However, this is a PERMANENT method, and we do not suggest it for priceless pieces, or original art (for those we use acid-free adhesives to hinge the piece in place so it can still breathe).

As always, we are happy to take a look at your piece and offer suggestions, or repair it, if we can.
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If I supply the mats/frame/etc, will you still assemble it?

Of course! We are happy to work with you and your supplies to help you achieve your vision.

We also understand that accidents happen, and glass breaks, so we’ll happily replace missing glass for you!
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Do you do all the framing on-site?

In terms of custom framing, the only thing that we don’t do is chop metal frames - it requires special saws so we leave it to our suppliers, but we assemble the metal frames on-site. Aside from that, once the supplies for your piece are ordered, we cut, join, triple measure (!) and assemble everything in house.

What’s not covered by custom framing?; plaque-mounting and lamination, which is done off-site by one of our partners.
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Do you conserve art?

No. We are fully qualified framers, and will work to protect your art. We will happily direct you to the pros who can restore old or antique pieces.
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What can I frame? What should I frame?

You can frame anything you want, as long as it means something to you! Whether it’s something your child drew when they were 3; a cocktail napkin with the plans for your dream cottage; your wedding invitation; your grandfather’s service medals; a piece of art collected from a vacation...if it means something, frame away!
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How long will my framing take?

Depending on if everything is readily available from our suppliers, usually 10 days. During the holiday season, it can take upwards of two weeks, so we suggest bringing in your ideas early!

If anything is backordered or cancelled and will be late beyond the time frame we give you, we will always call to let you know.
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