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Custom Framing

Creative Custom Framing

Our passion, and the reason that we’re still here after twenty years, is that we’re willing to step outside of the normal ideas of framing. We can think outside of the box, and design creative, innovative, inspired pieces.

We have the most fun when presented with something that a client wants preserved,  working with their ideas to create something magical and telling the story through custom picture framing.

We believe that custom picture framing is not just for pictures and photos, but for memories!


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Custom framing can create a mood; tie in with the feel of your space; tell a story; be the focal point of your decor - the possibilities are endless! Photos, original artwork, children’s art, mementos of a life well-lived; these are all pieces that we love to put our creativity towards. Scroll through our gallery of custom framed works, all from private collections, to see what we have worked on in the past.



Some Of Our Custom Framing!


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