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What to Consider When You're Framing

We love our customers, and we love framing their art and memories even more! We understand that sometimes, if you've never framed before or have something that is completely different and you aren't quite sure what to do with it, the process of framing can seem a little intimidating. That's why we've listed four key questions to consider before you frame a piece:


What do you want the end goal of your framing to be? 

Whether it's a specific feeling you want your framed art to have, like reminding you of that amazing vacation you took in Europe; or preserving a memory, like a vintage photo (or maybe your grandmother's favourite spoon and cookie recipe, or your father's glasses), we want to know what you want out of the framing so that we can make sure your vision comes to life. 

What's your style?

We ask this a lot and we promise, it isn't meant to be a trick question! We have thousands of frame samples and thousands of potential combinations of mat/frame/multiple frames, so we want to be able to narrow down where to start. Whether you prefer shabby chic, formal and refined, modern and sleek, or beachy-rustic, there's a frame for it. Of course, if you're not quite sure, or are thinking of something totally different for the piece you're framing, that's okay too! You will never hurt our feelings if we put down a frame sample and you absolutely hate it. 

*we're going to throw in here that while we will happily work design elements into the overall decor look you've got, we always suggest that you frame to suit the piece, not your decor. That way, no matter what room you put your framing in, or no matter what design update you're doing, your art is always going to look like the framing was intentional for it. 

Do you want a mat or no? 

Refer back to our FAQs here (Ask Your Framer) for the reasons we suggest mats. Sometimes they are absolutely necessary, sometimes a highly suggested piece of the puzzle, and other times you really don't need them. It all depends on what you're framing and the look you're trying to achieve. Space constraints are another consideration; if you don't want your piece going above a certain finished sized, mat sizing and presence can affect that. 

How much light will your piece be exposed to? 

We say this in-store all the time, and we're going to say it here: art should never be in direct sunlight. No matter the quality of the glass or its UV protection, if something is exposed to direct sun over time, it will still fade (and nobody wants that). Again, refer back to the Ask Your Framer section of our site for a break-down of the glass we use, and think about where your finished piece is going to go. Also consider that the larger the piece of regular glass, the more like a mirror it becomes. As Anne says, if you can fix your hair in it, that's not great. 


Framing is fun (we think so, at least!), and we're here to help you through all the stages and get you to an end result that suits your style, your feelings about the art/memory, and your budget. lf something matters to you, then it matters to us and we want to help preserve that memory. We also love a good challenge, and want to help make your vision come to life. Most importantly, we want you to be happy with the finished product and love that it's hanging on your wall. 


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