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An update on fees & discounts

By now you've probably heard that businesses can start charging a fee on credit card transactions. It's no secret that the fees we, as a small business, pay on credit transactions are much higher than you might think, and the costs keep rising. In the most basic terms, the ability for a business to charge you, the customer, a fee if you're paying by credit, is meant as a way to recoup some of the costs the business pays in processing that sale. 

We have made the decision NOT to adopt the credit card surcharging fees. That means that, aside from HST, there will never be an additional cost when you make a purchase with us. 

That being said, we do have to re-examine our pre-pay discount policy. Initially, the pre-pay discount of 15% was started as a way to encourage our customers to pay at the time of ordering their framing, and using cash, debit or cheque. Taking into account the cost of processing credit cards, Visa and Mastercard payments were always exempt from the discount. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, we extended the 15% discount to everyone, regardless of how or when you paid. It was our way to thank you for your support, especially during such a weird and tumultuous time. While we'd love to continue this, the fact is that, along with everyone, our costs have risen over the last year. For instance, despite our suppliers' best efforts to prolong a price increase, the cost of framing materials went up 20% last month. 

We want to be able to stay in Downtown Brockville and frame your memories for as long as possible, but to do that, we've made the difficult decision to no longer offer our 15% discount. That being said, we'll still offer framing sales, and we're always happy to work within your budget to make your art sing. We thank you for your understanding, and as always, for your support. 

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