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Something new for the miniest of frames

We've always offered mini frames - cute little pieces made from the leftovers of big custom framing jobs, complete with glass and backing and priced affordably - and they've always been popular. But over the past year, we've noticed a decline in people rifling through the mini bins to pick that perfect frame. What we've seen instead is that we're building a lot more custom minis for people - finding the perfect in-stock piece from our back room that will enhance their art, instead of relying on luck of the draw from the bins of pre-built frames.

We've taken all of this into consideration and as of May 1, 2019, we'll be discontinuing the traditional minis.  

The program we've built to replace the minis is In-Stock Smalls. The pricing is below, and while it's reflective of the traditional mini prices, it offers so much more customization for your art, which is truly what we're all about. 


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