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The Gallery


What's on Upstairs in the Gallery : 

Throughout our career, we've worked closely with artists both in preparing them for shows and for personal work, and come to have a strong appreciation for the talent this area is steeped in. To celebrate these artists and their works, we've opened a gallery on our second floor! Our goal is to bring both recognition to the local talent in this area as well as inspiration for your walls. We hope you enjoy browsing through the wide range of art available and come away with either appreciation for or a little piece of Leeds and Grenville. 


Meet the Artists :

Sandra Taylor

"This series of watercolours are painted free-flow from the imagination and most include a kind of metamorphosis of birds, the moon, trees, fish, and more. Because of the nature of this way of working, each painting is a playful meditation on the unknown."

Diana Godwin-Sheradin

Diane graduated in 1984 from the Ontario College of Art with a Diploma in Fine Arts. She has been a Fine Arts instructor at St. Lawrence College in Brockville & the 1000 Islands Summer School of the Arts since 1988. Diane works in a variety of media such as watercolour, acrylic, oil, pastel, mixed media & collage. Her work can be found in private, public & corporate collections across North America. 

Pat Markovich

Peter Thorne

Pam McKinnon 

Pam Warren McKinnon, an elected signature member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, continually tries to find new ways of seeing the familiar with emphasis on the play of structure, light and colour. She feels the abstract element in images and composition is extremely important. Appealing to the sense she hopes her images with precipitate a concentration that doesn't occur while immersed in the practical affairs of the everyday.     

Laurie Sponagle 

"Capturing the implied essence of human presence is the basis for the series entitled Conversations with Time. The full length, frontal 'portrait' of an empty chair is arranged as to communicate beyond the confines of the frame - engaging the viewer in 'conversation'. Each is subtitled to imply a moment 'after the' event and it, in conjunction with the environment, gives the viewer more information regarding the age, rank, background and social role of the gender portrayed. The shallow space in which the chair is positioned - only indications of depth are the chair and floor boards - coupled with the opaque white void within the window emphasizes the surface tension inherent in one dimensional supports. This is further reinforced with the exposure of the paper's edges, a conscious framing decision with a majority of my artwork. Landscapes - interpreting memories captured of artist's presence during recent travels and past family vacations." 

Fraser Radford

"The title for my current series of works is 'Pouring Galaxies'. It refers to the method of creating the works, by utilizing a process where I thin out acrylic paint with water, then pour the paints onto raw canvas. The method of pouring allows the paint to blend naturally and without interruption from myself. The resulting canvases appear ethereal in nature, reminiscent of the photographs taken by the Hubble Space Telescope of various nebulae and galaxies."

Belia van Essen Brandow

"A contemporary realist painter, I paint for the sheer pleasure and enjoyment I receive from the entire process. From viewing the world through an artist's lens, determining what inspires me to paint this picture, what do I want to convey, and then deciding how I am going to convey this through design, colour, light, mood, shape and size. My primary goal is to become the best painter I am capable of being and I am constantly working on honing my skills and growing as an artist. This is a lifelong process and each painting becomes another challenge as I continue to evolve and develop my unique style."

Robert H (Bob) Shackles

Bob is a recognized watercolourist and an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour (CSPWC) and the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA). He works in oil, charcoal, and watercolour. 

"Just trying to stay ahead of a computer algorithm paint brush function"



Local Talent on Consignment @ Hang Ups

Are you interested in exhibiting at Hang Ups, or having your work displayed here on a permanent basis? Get in touch with us and we’ll happily set up an appointment to meet you and view your body of work!